Services: Marketing & Social Media

We can help you plan your campaign across all platforms and social networks. We’ll make sure you target the right audience, and make any necessary changes to improve results.

SEO & Google Adwords

When your site goes live, you need to be ranking highly in search engine results pages to get noticed. Our Search Engine Optimisation procedures consistently place our clients at the top of listings.

Also Google’s Adwords ‘pay-per-click’ program can establish your brand online, increasing traffic and making sure your ad is seen above the fold on results pages.

Newsletter Campaigns

Newsletter Marketing is an excellent method of making direct contact with your customer base. We can help you increase sales and generate leads by developing a Newsletter campaign that is directly targeted, utilising appropiate design and compelling content along with pinpoint campaign analytics.

  • Newsletter - Crotty Group

    This newsletter campaign for the Crotty Group directly targeted their subscriber base informing them of their various Insurance policies and the easiest methods of obtaining a quotation.

  • Newsletter - Osaka Recordings

    This newsletter campaign for Osaka Recordings, an independent Irish record label enabled them to inform their subscribers of forthcoming album launches and any discounted deals on physical stock they were doing. They also availed of the precise campaign analytics, seeing the proportion that had clicked on various links.

Social Media

Developing a community of active followers is a very valuable resource. Whether you’re marketing your company, promoting your services or selling a product, we can help you establish an active Social Media Network utilising Facebook, Twitter, Google +, linkedIn etc...

Social Media